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Brass and Piano Tuition

Hannah and Matt have many years' combined teaching experience, and offer lessons on piano and all brass instruments to students of all ages and standards, subject to availability. Click here to find out more about piano tuition, and contact us with any lesson enquiries.

Piano Note

Piano Accompaniment

As an accomplished pianist, Hannah has much experience accompanying instrumentalists and singers, and Matt regularly accompanies his own pupils for their exams. Whether you need an accompanist for an exam, recital or would just like to try playing through your pieces with the piano part, we will organise sessions to suit your needs. We are also able to provide pre-recorded piano accompaniments for candidates taking remotely assessed grade exams. They could also be useful for private practice, in lessons and in auditions.


Aural Test Coaching

The focus of instrumental lessons often tends to be on developing technique and performance skills. In the build up to exams the supporting tests can easily get neglected, and yet they form an integral part of each exam and of every musician’s general development. We provide extra support for students who would like to develop their aural test skills, particularly with the increased demands of the higher grades. 

Sheet Music Edits

Theory Lessons

An understanding of music theory is a necessary element of a rounded musical education. We are able to provide theory lessons, or extra support as you prepare for a music theory exam.

Detail of Sheet Music

Viva Voce Coaching

A Viva Voce often seems like the most daunting part of a Diploma exam. With one or two coaching sessions we can help you feel more confident as you discuss your chosen repertoire.

Piano Keys

Consultation Lessons

Hannah and Matt offer one-off consultation lessons on piano and all brass instruments, combining their expertise as teachers, examiners and performers. This is ideal for advanced students who have upcoming college auditions or diploma level exams.

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