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Learn a skill that will last a lifetime

Piano Tuition

with Hannah Mitchell-Harrison BAHons | PGDip MUS | DipABRSM

Piano tuition has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember - my mother is the founder and principal of Hebron Piano School in South Wales, an established school that has been in operation for nearly forty years, and so I began learning to play the piano as soon as I could sit upright at the piano stool! My teaching career began in my teenage years when I assisted my mother with her group lessons, and soon after I took on pupils of my own. I am experienced at teaching all ages and stages, from beginners through to diploma level, with children as young as 4 years of age to Sixth Form students and adult learners. This, combined with my experience as a professional pianist and music examiner, ensures high quality piano tuition.


My teaching is centred around my desire to instill a love of music and the piano in my students, so that it becomes a skill that stays with them whether as part of their career or a much enjoyed hobby. My lessons are a safe space for students to learn through making mistakes and trying again, and I strive to bring out the best in each student by creating a warm, friendly and engaging environment.


I am committed to ensuring that my students have a solid grounding in the basics of reading and rhythm from the very start, and as such use the Lisa Childs Method for all beginners. This method makes reading accessible to even the youngest learner, and teaches note reading by intervals rather than note names. Colours are used as an added aid, and once these are removed, there is a very natural and easy progression into reading notation without colour.

“I really enjoy my piano lessons with Hannah. She is a very positive and encouraging teacher and she has good strategies on how to improve.” 

Student, February 2021

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To quote Lisa Childs herself:
‘Open the magic door of music - it is right here in these pages. This book is for those who have never touched a piano keyboard and for those who tried, and gave up years ago - it is for the very young with parents or teachers help, or for grown-ups who will find the instructions utterly simple to follow. Although colour is used in Lisa Childs Piano 1, it is not a colour system. Colours are prettier and easier than ‘A, B, C,’ so that children who are too young to read can learn to ‘read’ the piano. Even ‘re-learners’ will find no trouble in adapting to colour symbols - they translate naturally into classic notation.’
Sheet Music

“Hannah is an excellent teacher with a wonderful way of engaging the children. She is encouraging and immediately put both my children at ease. It is definitely due to her lovely calm style, her positive approach and helpful method of teaching that they are so enjoying learning the piano as complete beginners and making such progress. Thank you!”

Parent, January 2021

The Details

Lessons are provided weekly for half an hour, and I currently come to your home to teach, following the guidelines laid out in our COVID health and safety policy. Should you be shielding or self-isolating, lessons can be moved online over Zoom. 

To get the most out of your lessons, I ask that students commit to practising regularly each week so that they can progress and enjoy their time at the piano! 

Students must have a piano or keyboard at home so that they can practise. For beginners, a simple keyboard is perfectly adequate to get going with the basics, which can then be upgraded as progress is made.

As a student progresses, new books will occasionally need to be purchased so that there is new music to learn - expanding repertoire and learning new pieces is always exciting!

Piano exams are a useful way of marking progress, and for many students this is beneficial. However it may not be suitable for everyone - my teaching is centred around finding the best path for each individual, and is not based on moving straight from one grade to the next.

As I am a freelance musician, I ask for a little flexibility with the timetable, particularly during exam sessions when I may be away examining for ABRSM. I will always do my best to arrange an alternative slot during the week if possible.

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