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6 Benefits of Playing in a Music Group

Learning a musical instrument stretches far beyond a weekly lesson and practising in your bedroom! It opens the door to playing in an ensemble (or maybe even several!), such as an orchestra, choir, wind band, brass group - the list goes on! The benefits of playing music with other people have a positive impact on all areas of life.


Here are 6 Benefits of Playing in a Music Group

1. Playing alongside more experienced musicians is a great motivator for new learners, inspiring them to practise and improve on their instrument

2. Playing in a music group allows you to mix with other like minded people and make new friends. Ordinary barriers in the school setting, such as year groups, are broken in the context of a school orchestra or choir. Long lasting friendships are often formed in community ensembles, where adults from all walks of life find a common bond through their love of music.

3. When playing or singing in a music group, you are part of a team, or section. Each section has to work together to create music, through listening and counting - it’s not just about focusing on your own playing. Playing in a music group requires excellent teamwork skills, and students who learn these skills early on are able to transfer them to all aspects of life away from music.

4. Playing in a music group gives players or singers an opportunity to reinforce what they have learnt in their lessons. It’s an excellent way to practise sight-reading; rhythms; and the all-important skill of keeping going even when you make a mistake!

5. Being part of a music group requires good organisation from everyone! Attending rehearsals on time, with all of the correct equipment (including instrument, music, pencil) are all important in ensuring the rehearsals run smoothly.

6. And finally, being part of an orchestra, band or choir is fun! It’s good for your mental health, it boosts your confidence and is something you can continue from school right through to beyond retirement.

With lockdown restrictions beginning to lift and schools returning, why not explore music groups in your local area by clicking here? And if you’re local to Harpenden, you can find out more about Harpenden Concert Band here.

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